Tuesday, March 30, 2021

278 Days and Counting


Let's give all our people a chance to run for elected office, there has to be someone better than the current governor, and someone is going to have to take over after me. The city Council members are going to have to be fair and honest next year. 


In 2017 13th City Council candidate Marjorie Velazquez Lynch challenged the other two Hispanic candidates in her city council race. It was found out in court that the person who did the challenging for Marjorie Velazquez Lynch was a college student from Ohio who went back to Ohio, and the one candidate who filed the court document was pot back on the ballot and she lost.

In 2021 it appears that 13th City Council candidate Marjorie Velazquez Lynch has challenged all three other Hispanic candidates, two females and the only male Hispanic who is a veteran of the armed forces, while being a single father, as well as the only Black Female candidate in her city council race. We will have to find out if Ms. Enilda Cancel (the challenger of the four other candidates) who has a previous address in Florida will not be moving back there as was the case four years ago, when the challenger of the two male Hispanic candidates moved back to Ohio after placing her challenges for candidate Marjorie Velazquez Lynch. Also why Ms. Cancel did not challenge Marjorie Velazquez Lynch and if she is indeed connected to candidate Marjorie Velazquez Lynch. 

Enilda Cacel taken from Facebook

What do you think Mr. Mayor, or you the voters of the 13th council district? 

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