Friday, April 9, 2021

268 Days and Counting


I was in the Bronx yesterday only a few blocks from where State Senator Jamaal Bailey the Bronx Democratic Party Leader was holding an event with candidates they have endorsed for the upcoming June Democratic Primary. 

I should have dropped by to ask Senator Bailey about the petition of Marcos Sierra the District Leader who seconded the nomination of him for leader of the Bronx Democratic Party, where there are some very questionable things that appear on the City Council District Eleven Marcos Sierra petition. I am sure that veteran Bronx political reporter Robert Press, who is a pain in the neck to me and many of my commissioners holding us accountable for what we do will get down to the bottom of the Marcos Sierra petition to show everyone what is wrong, and show any petition fraud committed by city council candidate Marcos Sierra. 

The U.S. Attorney said after a complete investigation of me said that there is not enough evidence to bring any charges against me, so I can say I am an innocent man.  

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