Sunday, April 4, 2021

Day of Action! Bronx Progressives Invites You to Join the Public Power Launch Rally


Day of Action! Bronx Progressives invites you to join our comrades at Democratic Socialist of America for their Public Power Launch Rally, happening on Saturday, April 10th, 3pm at 1775 Grand Concourse (Con Edison office).

Join us to demand democratic and equitable energy and support for our two bills to get us there. We’ll be joined by City Council candidate Adolfo Abreu and housing activist Samelys Lopez, and we’ll be making lots of noise for the folks at ConEd. Click to sign-up HERE.

Why is Public Power a better system?

● A democratically-accountable public utility would serve the public by  
   prioritizing, not delaying, a just transition to renewable energy. It would
   build new infrastructure, jobs, improve public health and address the
   climate crisis.
● A publicly-operated utility will make long-neglected repairs, invest in
   climate resiliency to prepare our grid for the future, and structure rates
   in the interest of working-class New Yorkers, all while creating good,
   union jobs.
● Responsible for the common good and not private gain, publicly owned
   utilities must have strong worker protections and a democratized
   decision-making structure that lifts up the low-income, working-class
   communities of color that are hurt the worst by climate change.
● Public utilities already exist, and they’ve proven to be better for
   consumers, delivering 14% lower-cost residential service, greater
   reliability, and faster responses to blackouts.

Join us on Saturday, April 10th, 3pm at 1775 Grand Concours (Con Ed Office) Click to sign-up HERE.

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