Friday, October 15, 2021

Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr. - Things We Should Take Note of This Hispanic Heritage Month


 You should know that, during this Hispanic Heritage Month, we should make emphasis not only on triumphs and victories of the Hispanic Community, but unfortunately, we should not forget the losses and misfortune, such as our community’s loss of the Bronx Borough President during the last Democratic primary election.   

Due to the divisions, gender agendas, and personal ambitions of certain Hispanic individuals, who knowingly had no chance to win, but anyway decided to run solely to prevent a fellow Hispanic from winning the office of Bronx President. These are issues to be remembered and discussed during this Hispanic Heritage Month and during the next “SOMOS” Convention in Puerto Rico.   
We must analyze how is it that the Hispanic Community being the ethnic group with the largest population in Bronx County and having cast a total of 60,784 votes on election night, lost the seat of the Bronx Borough President.  
It is important for you to know that the actual number of votes cast for the Bronx Borough president on Election Night are as follows.  
·      Vanessa Gibson ...... 40,097
·      Fernando Cabrera... 34,022
·      Natalia Fernandez... 14,397
·      Luis Sepulveda......... 10,407
·      Sammy Ravelo...........1,958
When you, my dear reader, study these figures, you may notice that the Hispanic Community cast 60,784 votes, among the four Hispanics vying for the position.  That’s approximately 2/3 of the overall votes cast.  
The election has come and gone.  That’s past and Vanessa Gibson will be the next Bronx Borough President for the next (4) four years.   We wish her the best.  Although Ms. Gibson and I never have seen eye to eye due to my Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage, and conservative positions.  Nonetheless, we will be praying that these next (4) years, Ms. Gibson will be a leader to our community, where everyone is included, even if we have differences of opinions and beliefs.
On the other hand, during this celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and the next annual “SOMOS” convention in Puerto Rico, which is held during the month of November, I sincerely hope that the divisions that happened during the Democratic primaries, will be among the issues our leaders discuss and bring to the table.  
These vital issues will prevent the Hispanic community from repeating future losses.  Our young and new Hispanic Leaders should be aware of what "La Vieja Guardia" (the old guard) fought for and achieved.   Obviously, it’s something that they don’t seem to understand, but they should, so that they will insure and protect our Hispanic political legacy in the future.
I Am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz at least for 78 more days, and this is what you should know.  

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