Monday, May 23, 2022

Former NYC Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr. - Those who called For Defunding the Police are partly responsible For The increase in crime


You should know that the tragic killing of Kayhara Tay, an innocent 11-year-old girl, in the Bronx County, has sparked a parade of politicians and dignitaries demanding justice and calling for a reduction in crime and violence.
You Should also Know that most of these elected officials, who are now demanding justice, and an end to crime and violence, are responsible for the rise in crime and violence we are now experiencing in the Bronx, and throughout our city.
These elected officials, who are elected to serve the people they represent and work to defend and ensure the safety of our communities, are the authors of laws, which promote, the lack of respect for law enforcement officers, violent assaults on taxi drivers, bodegueros, the elderly, children, and young people.
The murder of Kayhara Tay, together with the murders of 19-year-old Kristal Bayron, who was murdered while working at a Burger King in East Harlem and the death of the young man Leandro "Junior" Guzmán, who was brutally murdered in Bronx County, by a gang of thugs carrying machetes.
These are just some of the consequences due to the laws passed and rhetoric of some of these Legislators when they supported and approved Defunding of the Police, cut the funding of vital resources to the NYPD, and instituted Bail Reform Laws.
It is important for you to know that Bronx County has a delegation of (9) Elected Members to The New York City Council.   In the year 2020, the NYC Council decided and voted in favor of cutting One-Billion Dollars from the NYPD Budget. Most of the Bronx City Council members voted in favor of this outrageous legislation, with the exemption of two members Mark Gjonaj and I Rubén Diaz Sr. 

Mark Gjonaj and I voted against cutting resources to the Police, because to us, it was obviously clear that Defunding the Police would negatively impact the city and the consequences would be an increase in crime. When law enforcement does not have the necessary support and resources to protect and serve, crime will increase. We also knew that this would embolden the criminal mind and as a result it would gravely hurt those communities who are in dire need of protection.  We are now experiencing and living the consequences of Defunding the Police and what happens when you cut off vital resources and safety measures.
Vanessa Gibson, now the Bronx Borough President, back then together with Council Members Fernando Cabrera, Andrew Cohen, Diana Ayala, Andy King, Richie Torres, and Rafael Salamanca, were among those Council Members who voted to Defund the Police.  Recently some of these legislators visited the street, where Kayhara Tay was killed by a drive-by shooter. These Bronx Legislators recently visited the site to publicly ask for an end to the violence, but not one of them asked for reinstituting the vital funds and resources, which they themselves cut off, from the NYPD budget.
Today, although I am retired as an elected official, for all those who sincerely want to protect our communities and decrease crime and violence, I would like to offer 5 suggestions.  My five suggestions to reduce crime are:
1. Restore the "Anti-Crime Unit", also restore all the authority it once had which proved positive in the reduction of crime and violence in our city.
2. Eliminate The Bail Reform laws, passed by the same legislators who favored Defunding the Police. This law has proven to benefit and embolden the criminals, while risking the safety of our people and communities.
3. Increase the Age Laws of those Committing Felonies and Violent Crimes.   16-17 years old’s, who commit felonies and violent crimes, must be tried as an adult and not as a minor in a family court. This does nothing at all to decrease or combat violent crime. 
4. Reinstate the One-Billion Dollars that the NYC Council cut from the NYPD budget, and not only restore those funds but increase its budget, to enable our law enforcement officers to faithfully execute their duty to Protect and Serve.  While also restoring morale within the NYPD.    
5.  Reinstate "Stop and Frisk" When and if necessary, this helped to greatly reduce illegal guns in our streets.
As you can see, my dear reader, crime in New York City and State can indeed be managed when you take “political correction” out of the equation.   The problem is that when crime is controlled in our Neighborhoods, and the rate of violent crime is reduced, our legislators would have one less campaign theme or issue to run on and this does not serve them well. So, instead they meet on the street where tragedies occur and call for an end to a problem that they themselves helped to create.
I am Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is "What You Should Know."

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