Wednesday, February 12, 2020

An update on AOC’s opponents:

Just yesterday, we learned that yet another person jumped into the race to defeat AOC — bringing the grand total to 13 opponents.

Last quarter, they raised nearly $650,000. We believe they could raise even more this quarter. This is money that will be funneled into attack ads, negative mailers, and brazen lies about AOC and our movement. But you can help us fight back.

Here’s the logic: Keeping AOC focused on the issues in Congress is critically important. We want her fighting for a Green New Deal, not batting down brazen lies by corporate Democrats or Republicans on the campaign trail.

If we can match what these opponents have raised in just a month, then we’ll be ready to defend ourselves against most of what they throw our way. Then, we can keep AOC fighting for progressive legislation on Capitol Hill and electing progressive allies across the country.

We knew that the establishment and corporate special interests would try to strike back. But our progressive movement is stronger than they could ever imagine. We’re ready for this.

In solidarity,

Team AOC

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