Friday, February 14, 2020

Senator Rivera on Today's First Public Comment Forum of the Medicaid Redesign Team II

"Simply put, It is unacceptable for a government meeting of this magnitude to offer less than 24 hours notice to the general public and expect people to attend."

"New York's Medicaid program is seriously at risk, yet the Governor is treating the healthcare needs of some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers as an afterthought."

"This hastily called meeting is the clearest demonstration yet that this administration is not genuinely seeking recommendations or input from stakeholders. To expect working class, elderly, and disabled New Yorkers who rely on Medicaid to participate on such short notice is terrifyingly out of touch."

"As Chair of the Senate Health Committee, I will continue fighting against these threats to the health care coverage that 1 in 3 New Yorkers rely on and for the individuals and institutions who provide that care."


We could not agree any more with Senator Rivera. Legislation must be done in public with public participation. 

So Senator River, and the rest of the New York State Senate and Assembly, please explain the lack of public input into the 'No Cash Bail' law? 

The safety of New Yorkers should not be an afterthought of the legislature, to be fixed at a later date, if all parties agree to it.

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