Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Statement from New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on the Citywide Closure of Schools


“As a public school parent, I am angry about the leadership that failed to make it possible to keep schools safe and open. It is a sad irony that schools are closing on the same day my office went to court to stop the stonewalling of our investigation into the de Blasio Administration’s response to the first wave. And while our kids will no longer have access to in-person instruction, people are still dining indoors, going to gyms, and working in non-essential offices. This does not pass the common sense test.

“Thousands of families, including mine, will continue to muddle our way through this school year, and Elyse and I are enormously grateful to the boys’ teachers and their colleagues throughout the city. We absolutely must turn our attention to the 100,000 New York City public school students without internet access — 13,000 of whom are in homeless shelters, many with special needs. These are the children government must be fighting for, and failing them is a moral failure. Two weeks ago I proposed recommendations to give these students internet access to enable remote learning, and provide them with much-needed support. Mayor de Blasio owes it to our children to adopt my recommendations or find another way, immediately, to make sure all of our children — most especially those in need — can learn even as the doors of our schools are shut.”

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