Friday, February 12, 2021

Governor Cuomo Announces More than 130,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Administered in 24 Hours


132,057 First and Second Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Administered in 24 Hours; 2 Million Doses Administered To-date

As of 11AM today, New York's Health Care Distribution Sites Have Administered 90% of the Total First Doses Received from Federal Government

Vaccine Dashboard Will Update Daily to Provide Updates on the State's Vaccine Program; Go to; Dashboard Now Includes Demographic Data 

 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced 132,057 first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the last 24 hours. New Yorkers on the state's vaccination program. As of 11AM today, New York's health care distribution sites have received 2,065,595 first doses and already administered 90 percent or 1,860,196 first dose vaccinations and 82 percent of first and second doses. The week 9 allocation from the federal government continues being delivered to providers for administration.

"Defeating COVID once and for all ultimately comes down to winning the footrace between vaccinating New Yorkers as quickly and fairly as possible, and continuing to do all we can to drive down infection and hospitalization rates even further," Governor Cuomo said. "Those rates are continuing to fall and that is a direct result of New Yorkers continuing to act smartly and responsibly. We must keep up that momentum and as we do, we will continue doing everything we can to get shots in arms as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible - we just simply need more supply and now that we have competent leadership in Washington, we're actually now beginning to see that happen."

Approximately 7 million New Yorkers are currently eligible to receive the vaccine. The federal government has increased the weekly supply by more than 20 percent over the next three weeks, but New York's vast distribution network and large population of eligible individuals still far exceed the supply coming from the federal government. Due to limited supply, New Yorkers are encouraged to remain patient and are advised not to show up at vaccination sites without an appointment.

Vaccination program numbers below are for doses distributed and delivered to New York for the state's vaccination program, and do not include those reserved for the federal government's Long Term Care Facility program. A breakdown of the data based on numbers reported to New York State as of 11AM today is as follows. The allocation totals below include 60 percent of the week 9 allocation which will finish being distributed to New York provider sites on Sunday. The total week 9 allocation is also inclusive of some excess vaccine doses that have been reallocated from the federal Long Term Care Facility program.


First Doses Received - 2,065,595

First Doses Administered - 1,860,196; 90%

Second Doses Received - 1,080,550

Second Doses Administered - 719,133

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