Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Nos Quedamos BRONX PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE FORUM — Council District #11 — February 10th at 6:30pm


Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6:30pm
On behalf of We Stay/Nos Quedamos, Inc., thank you for joining our Bronx Wide Platform event on Friday, January 22, 2021. At the launch we talked about the issues that matter to us like racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, etc and how as a community we need to make sure that we hold future elected officials accountable for upholding our concerns and principles as well as making sure they understand and support our vision. 
Our vision is to co-design and implement a bold, long-term, and living plan for The Bronx that is grounded in racial justice and economic democracy. This vision should be driven by and reflective of the diverse range of Bronxites who live, work, and pray here--those who should be shaping The Bronx in their collective imagination so that it is a more sustainable, equitable, healthy, and thriving borough.
Your participation and engagement only makes each event more successful. 
Wednesday, February 10th, at 6:30pm
This is your chance to voice your concerns. Ask questions to members running for City Council seats in CD 11. Be heard and be part of the new changes that are coming within the New York City Council. 
Let these candidates know what matters to you! The candidate forum will be held virtually. 
Registration Link: HERE (and by clicking on flier graphics).
Spanish interpretation will be provided.


We are wondering why a South Bronx and a Clergy organization that is outside of the 11th District are involved in this forum. 

We know that LAAL is a Bangladeshi-American community organization in Norwood led by Bengal women towards racial, environmental, and political justice.

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