Friday, February 12, 2021 - If there were ever an emergency


 Alexandria just reintroduced a bill in Congress with Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Earl Blumenauer to require President Biden to declare a national climate emergency.

If Congress demands a climate emergency, Biden can redirect billions of dollars of funding toward the production of renewable energy, create millions of high-wage jobs, and upgrade the public infrastructure to expand access to clean and affordable transportation, high-speed broadband, and water.

In 2019, Alexandria and her colleagues introduced a similar resolution and received support from 100+ representatives. Now we have a chance to get majority support with Democrats in control of the House and Senate.

If we’re going to pass this bill and unlock more than 100 presidential powers to tackle the climate crisis, we need to mobilize.

We need to start calling this moment what it is: a national emergency. We are out of time and excuses. Even Majority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed that Biden should declare a climate emergency.

Congress has the power to do it, and they must act. Alexandria is helping lead the way, but she needs the support of a grassroots movement fighting alongside her.

Team AOC has trained hundreds of volunteers who make calls every Saturday during our Green New Deal deep canvassing phone banks to talk with everyday people in our district and beyond about the importance of building back our economy fossil free. All of your support helps us mobilize more volunteers, make more calls, and grow our power for climate justice.

If we want to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, ensure that our nation has an equitable economic recovery, and prevent yet another life-altering crisis – then we need to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and invest in building a just and fair fossil free future.

Team AOC

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