Tuesday, January 25, 2022

State Senator Gustavo Rivera - Statement on Mayor's Blueprint to End Gun Violence



"The Mayor is right to lead our City into a new era where guns are kept off the streets and New Yorkers have real opportunities to forgo a life of crime and lead healthy, violence-free futures. Unfortunately, his blueprint focuses on failed measures that run counter to that goal and will only result in another generation of Black and brown New Yorkers criminalized and relegated to a life of imprisonment, recidivism and continued violence. 
The Mayor should stay focused on the community-building and anti-poverty efforts included in his Blueprint, including robust support for violence interrupter programs, which have been proven to be an effective tool at addressing violence in communities. We cannot repeat the mistakes of the past."


We expected no less from State Senator Gustavo Rivera, and most of his State Senate Democrats who have pushed through what we now see as failed legislation causing the current increase in violence which is not only related to guns, but the subways, businesses, and many other areas where criminals are just going through a revolving system that says 'No Cash Bail' to repeat offenders for you, have a nice day, we are sorry the police brought you in and detained you. 

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