Saturday, November 20, 2021

Eric Adams Rally at Fordham Plaza


It was a cold afternoon, and the second rally for many of those who arrived at Fordham Plaza to support Mayor Elect Eric Adams. Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Bronx African organizer, led the rally saying that there are high hopes that Mayor Eric Adams will bring the city back to where it once was. He mentioned that no one feels safe in New York City including what were once considered the most safest areas. He also mentioned the meeting with Mayor Elect Adams and Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome where Mayor Elect Adams said to Newsome, "Do not threaten me that there will be violence and blood in the streets, I won't give into those threats". That was in response to the announcement of Mayor Adams of the return of the NYPD Anti Crime Task Force.

Others who spoke were activist Eunice Ukwuani, activist Cabenga Subiat, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera who also videotaped the Fordham Plaza rally, and entertained everyone with stories about when he was the Bronx Democratic Party Chair, and how times have changed. 

(L - R) Activist Cabenga Subiat, Activist Eunice Ukwuani, Assemblyman Jose Rivera, Sheikh Musa Drammeh Bronx African organizer, and Chris Tabicof.

(L - R) Activist Cabenga Subiat, Activist Eunice Ukwuani, Sheikh Musa Drammeh Bronx African organizer, Chris Tabicof, and Boswell Shippie. with Assemblyman Joe Rivera at the video camera.

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