Saturday, January 15, 2022

Democratic District Leader Manny De Los Santos Earns Critical Support As Democratic Nominee For State Assembly in Washington Heights / Inwood District


Manny De Los Santos Favorite at County Committee for AD72

Democratic District Leader Manny De Los Santos has become the next Democratic Nominee for State Assemblyman in District 72, relacing former Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa, who has since been elected to the New York City Council, District 10. Now that the Democratic County Committee in Manhattan has designated him, De Los Santos will appear on the ballot of the upcoming Special Election on February 15th, 2022.

About Manny De Los Santos' candidacy, New York City Council Member Carmen De La Rosa said, “having served this community as Assembly Member for the last 5 years, I know Manny De Los Santos will be a thoughtful leader who will consider the impact of the legislative process on our neighborhoods. He will be a staunch advocate for each and every one of our residents – especially the most vulnerable, so I am honored to have him as a partner in government.”

“Manny De Los Santos is a son of Washington Heights/Inwood, and he has dedicated his entire adult life to serving this community. I know he will work diligently in Albany to ensure we continue to protect tenants and prevent displacement, bring more resources for our schools, support small businesses and help us recover from the pandemic,” said Congressman Adriano Espaillat.

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said, “The unprecedented times we are living, call for innovative leadership with deep knowledge of local communities, a proven record of community service, consistency, vision, compassion and integrity. And those are some of the qualities that Manny De Los Santos brings to the table. He will be a great asset in Albany for all residents of Upper Manhattan.”

Assembly Member Al Taylor said, “Manny De Los Santos' knowledge of Upper Manhattan, NYC and Albany, are essential for a successful and effective Assembly Member to succeed in Albany and deliver to constituents. I cannot think of a better prepared candidate to represent Assembly District 72 at the State Capitol than Manny, who is a bridge and coalition-builder, and will work with his colleagues in the Legislature to address the most pressing issues facing Upper Manhattan and all of New York. I look forward to working with Manny in the State Assembly”.

Manny De Los Santos, MSW is a former Community School Director with over 10 years of social work experience. He has served as President Northern Manhattan Democrats For Change, the grassroots club of Northern Manhattan. He was elected District Leader in 2009 representing the 72nd Assembly District. Manny was later elected to serve as State Committeeman in 2016. He was recently selected by City and State for their "40 Under 40 Rising Stars."

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