Wednesday, January 12, 2022

State Senator Gustavo Rivera on His Vote to Confirm the Nomination of Judge Shirley Troutman to the Court of Appeals


 "After much consideration, I voted today to confirm Governor Hochul's nomination of Shirley Troutman to the New York State Court of Appeals. Justice Troutman, who will become the second Black woman to serve on our State's highest court, has not only proven to have impeccable judicial credentials, but has also embraced communities with class, dignity and professionalism.

While Judge Troutman's appointment is welcomed, this was a missed opportunity in our efforts to diversify our Judiciary. With her appointment, the majority of the seven judges sitting on the Court of Appeals are career prosecutors or corporate lawyers. Given that this court is the last judicial resort for many New Yorkers facing legal matters, it is critical that this bench becomes professionally more diverse so that it truly represents the needs of all New Yorkers, particularly the most vulnerable among us. We must strive to nominate attorneys with different legal perspectives, especially those who have made a career working on indigent defense, housing, immigration or civil rights. That way, we will ensure that we establish a balanced judicial system that will deliver justice fairly."

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