Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Former NYC Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Of Open Borders Allowing Illegal Entry Into The United States


By Former NYC Councilman
Rev. Ruben Diaz

You should know that the Good thing about Biden’s policy of Open Borders, which facilitates, the illegal entry of immigrants into the United States, in addition to being an act of Goodwill that makes us all feel good about ourselves, is in large part very beneficial for the Hispanic Community given that the majority of migrants are coming from Spanish Speaking Countries in South and Central America.
With this administration's order to open the American Borders, removed all the policies and any obstacles, that enabled thousands of people to illegally enter this nation (without proper vetting and due process).  As a result, hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly Hispanics, enter the United States of America daily.  Upon their arrival at the border, these people are transported and distributed throughout the different States of this nation, especially into Urban Areas. These areas and cities are mostly populated by diverse minority groups.  This, my dear reader, will greatly affect the demographics of those areas, and overall, the United States. This will eventually impact the economy, and the Hispanic political power due to their gradual, continuous population growth is likely to help the Hispanic and Latino Community.
If this trend continues, in a few years the Hispanic Population will become the largest ethnic group, in many of the American Cities and States especially here in New York, California and other Sanctuary Cities.
It is very important for you to know that what is Good for some can be very Bad and detrimental to other groups.  These “Open Border Policies” gradually diminish the Political, and Economic Power of other ethnic groups, based on the Hispanics growing demographics. Other ethnic minority groups, in time, are destined to lose their political influence and positions they once possessed. Many will be forced out and will eventually relocate to other states seeking to have a voice in the political process and better opportunities.  We see this happening right now with California and New York, where many of its residents are leaving for Florida and Texas.
You should know that with the recent law passed by the New York City Council those who are not American Citizens have been given  the right to register to vote. Non-American Citizens can now vote and elect people to different powerful positions. This law will contribute to future losses of power and political positions pushing out other ethnic groups.   Add to this the fact that it is illegal, in New York City, to require proof of identification from people who want to register and vote.
My friends, I fear that this law enables thousands, upon thousands of people who are Not eligible to vote, with the power to influence this nations’ elections. This will be done without being legitimately and legally authorized to vote in violation of the United States Constitution. The consequences for this country could be detrimental as a result.
Finally, the Ugly consequences of Biden’s policy of "Open Borders” is the financial burden that falls upon the shoulders of all tax paying Citizens and Legal Residents who work and pay their taxes to the American Government.  Add to the tax burden the Cartels, who greatly profit from Human Trafficking, and Sex Trafficking of Children and Women, not to mention the thousands of young American lives lost to drugs, especially the very potent phenyl and Heroin which have reached epidemic proportions. We don’t speak enough about the thousands of immigrants who have died when they decide to make this extremely dangerous journey, only to be abandoned in the desert or rivers by greedy Coyotes and Cartels. 
You need to know that it is the responsibility of the U.S. government to provide these people with Humanitarian Services, Health, Education, Housing, Food, Employment, once they enter the U.S. Borders.   Therefore, the people who work and contribute to this country with their taxes are the ones responsible, through higher taxes, for the maintenance and support of those entering illegally. 
This is the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Consequences of Biden’s Policies of Open Borders. Prayers are needed for the Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 
I am Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is What You Should Know. 

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