Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Governor Hochul Holds a COVID-19 Briefing

 COVID-19 press briefing

Governor Hochul: "This was not a decision by the federal government that masks were no longer needed in very congested settings like public transit, our buses, in New York City the subway. But it was overturned by the court for procedural reasons You watch the variants, they come, and we're starting to see cases and hospitalizations go up. So we're going to continue, in the short term, again, for public transit, our correctional facilities, our nursing homes, health care settings, domestic violence centers, buses and train stations, let's just be smart about it. And again, we're going to be letting people know places that, as they start coming off. We're going to get there. We will get there, but also just let's keep pushing the vaccinations."

Hochul: "Suit up with the armor. That means not one, but two boosters. So we know what to do. We keep getting vaccinated, we get boosted. Second booster. If you feel sick, take care of yourself, get tested."

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