Thursday, May 12, 2022


"As a student, I struggled with Tourette Syndrome, which is very visible, and ADHD, which like dyslexia is not – both undiagnosed until high school. Once I could put a name to it, and develop a learning plan, it immensely improved my educational outlook.

"Early screening of all students for risk of dyslexia, and providing targeted resources and focus for those who need it, will help our schools meet the individual educational needs of each student, and each student reach their full potential. This effort will improve educational opportunity, and in a way that will promote educational equity.

"Many adults also struggle with undiagnosed dyslexia, disproportionately in our criminal legal system, and I urge the City Council to pass my legislation instituting screenings in our jails. By screening and servicing affected people, we can provide better support for incarcerated New Yorkers and help prevent them from re-entering the criminal legal system in the future. This would help correct an educational services gap that should have been addressed long ago, and one that today’s announcement is a major step toward closing in the future. 

"Dyslexia is under-discussed, and likely under-diagnosed, in our city, but with today’s announcement we can help to make sure New Yorkers struggling with it have access to the services they need to succeed."

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