Saturday, May 14, 2022

Team Biaggi - Update: the state of OUR race and why we need YOU!

Alessandra Biaggi - Democrat for Congress


Hi friends —

We wanted to provide a quick update on the state of our race.

As a reminder, the New York State Congressional maps were recently thrown out, completely changing the course of this primary. Here’s some new information for you:

  • The primary date is now scheduled for August 23rd.
  • On May 16th, the newly drawn maps will be made available to the public.
  • They won’t be finalized until May 20th, at which time we’ll know exactly what the new NY-3 looks like. We’ll also learn what period of time we have to petition.

We’ll be honest – there’s a lot of uncertainty in our race right now. But despite that, Alessandra is still the strongest and most experienced candidate.

And the reasons Alessandra decided to run for Congress couldn’t be more important given the infuriating news out of Washington. Our country desperately needs stronger Democrats who actually embody the core values of our own party and agenda. Leaders who will fight relentlessly to protect abortion and voting rights, to combat the climate crisis, to expand access to affordable health care, to raise the minimum wage, and so much more.

These issues are supported by a majority of Americans, but we need members of Congress who will actually fight like hell to deliver. This is the type of Representative Alessandra will be, because it’s who she’s been in the State Senate.

We’ll be in touch soon,

– Team Biaggi


Alessandra Biaggi has said she will continue to run for congress, and will only have to give the Board of Election a letter of intent to continue running for congress. Thus she would not have to collect petitions again for congress. 

Should Ms. Biaggi decide that she does not want to run for congress but her old State Senate seat after seeing the new district maps, she would have to go through the petition route for that decision. 

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