Saturday, September 18, 2021

108 Days and Counting - Classrooms are being closed due to COVID


I can't wait for basketball season to start again. I will have plenty of time to go to the Brooklyn Nets games at the Barclay Center, and why do you think I put the center in Brooklyn. Can you imagine the Queens Nets or even the Bronx Nets? 

As you see I have just over three months left as your mayor, and if Kathy Hochul can do a better job of running Rikers Island she is welcome to do it. Why doesn't she send me some state police to help manage Rikers? I have bigger problems as we are closing classrooms, and what is that Chancellor Porter, we are now closing school classrooms due to COVID. As you can see, here is the link to Our daily Schools COVID map I have to devise a plan to keep the schools open, so where is Governor Kathy Hochul to help me? 

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