Friday, September 17, 2021

110 Days and Counting Governor Hochul or is it Hochul-Cuomo


Look I don't care what Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law today, whatever it is called. 'Less is More or More is Less' bill. She has been the lieutenant Governor for seven years we did not hear a peep out of her about Riker's Island. Now that she will be running for Governor next year Kathy Hochul is full of comments and answers about New York's problems.

Governor Hochul is just like Governor Cuomo, she placed on JCOPE the same person Governor Cuomo did, and JCOPE led by this new Governor Hochul-Cuomo, led his fellow judicial branch members to say that Andrew Cuomo can keep the five million dollar he is expected to receive from the book. Then Governor Hochul says she could not find anyone better, Come on Kathy, how much is Andrew Cuomo going to donate to your campaign next year?

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