Sunday, October 31, 2021

62 Days amnd Counting


All right, let's get today's media briefing underway. What's that today is Sunday, and I don't have a media briefing today. I am getting ready for tomorrows media briefing as you can see. I am trying to be ready for any question that those pesky reporters may ask me. 

Let's see there is a vaccination mandate for Fire, Police, Health and Hospitals, Department of Education, Department of Correction, is there any city agency that I may have left out? Board of Elections, Hmmm. Some pesky reporter is going to ask me why we have extended the deadline for Board of Elections employees and not for any other city agencies. We are in the middle of an election, and all those absentee ballots have to be counted. It's a good thing that Rank Choice Voting is not being used in the general election, or it would take us more than a month to determine who the winners are. Here we only have to extend the vaccination deadline for two weeks after the deadline, because all the votes should be counted, as if we don't already know who the winners are. 

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