Sunday, November 28, 2021

35 Days and Counting


My good friend Assemblyman Michael Benedetto. Boy am I going to miss you Mike, maybe I can give you an appointment as a commissioner when I become Governor. David Patterson, I mean Kathy Hochul, I don't know why I keep saying that, unless it is that both David Paterson and Kathy Hochul were never elected governor of New York State. 

Back to where I was, Mike it looks like you are going to get that primary in 2022 that you were afraid of getting. Are you going to be the next Joe Crowley or Jeff Klein? At least you have the Bronx Democratic Party that will help you, but you went against the Bronx Democratic Party in endorsing the parties candidate for 13th City Council District's opponent. This year the rule is going to be every incumbent for themselves, as most are not going to be endorsed by the Bronx Democratic Party. Don't worry mike, we can run as a team De Blasio/Benedetto.

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