Saturday, December 4, 2021

29 Days and Counting


If Max Scherzer can get over forty-three million dollars a year for three years, I should be able to get at least ten million dollars a year from the Mets. After all how many hundreds of millions of dollars in goodies did I give the Mets, and built them a new stadium. 

I watched many Red Sox games, and learned a couple of different pitches. Just ask some of my donors and those who endorsed me when I ran for mayor. I have a great fastball, a mean curve, and my best pitch though is my Splitter, where I divide the media so they don't know what to write about me. It's that pesky reporter from the Bronx who can tell which pitch I am throwing, and how to hit it out the park. 

Charlene are you packing everything that isn't nailed down?

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