Thursday, December 16, 2021

17 Days and Counting - A Conversation Between Friends?


Hey Ruben I saw you were at your father's Clergy breakfast this morning. Are you going to Councilman Salamanca's inauguration and celebration that I saw your father pushing? Wasn't that a TEAM DIAZ event in the past for Board of Election workers? Oh well Councilman Salamanca is the only one of the team left, comes January 1, 2022, and he came in late in 2017. By the way Ruben 

If I am correct State Senator Luis Sepulveda was a part of the team, but he left a short time after your father was elected councilman. Michael Blake was a member of the team, but he left shortly after the LGBTQ community demanded he take back his check he gave to your father's campaign. Ruben why did Victor Pichardo leave office in the middle of his term, what did he do wrong. Come on Ruben it couldn't be something like the one with you and Marcos Crespo, another one who quickly got out of politics. Well Ruben I am still looking for a Lieutenant Governor candidate, if you know a good candidate let me know.

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