Friday, December 17, 2021


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As I said on PARROT TV TALKING POLITICS (which I host) earlier today Councilwoman Adriene Adams has more than enough votes to become the next Speaker of the City Council. Below is a listing of 2022 City Council members who are supporting Councilwoman Adams for Speaker. 

The lone Bronx holdout is 15th council district Councilman Oswald Feliz.

Today Council Member Adrienne Adams clinched victory in the race for City Council Speaker, as 33 members of the 51-member City Council committed their support or released statements backing her Speaker candidacy. The broad support for Council Member Adams from legislative leaders across the five boroughs comes on the heels of a coalition of labor unions, including 32BJ SEIU, DC 37, CWA District 1, and NYSNA declaring their support for her campaign for Speaker. Incoming Speaker Adams will lead a history-making City Council, with a majority of women serving on the Council for the first time.


An inclusive and diverse coalition, with members from across the City and across the political spectrum, is supporting Adrienne Adams. She will assume the office on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 at the first Stated Meeting in the next session of the City Council.


Council Member Adrienne Adams said: “I am honored to have earned the support and the trust of my colleagues to be their Speaker. Our coalition reflects the best of our city. We are ready to come together to solve the enormous challenges we face in order to not just recover from Covid but to build a better, fairer City that works for everyone. I want to thank the Council members, labor and party leaders, women’s groups, and everyone in our broad coalition for their support. The City Council will be a collaborative and effective legislative body that incorporates what makes New York City great and focuses on the needs of our communities.”


Adrienne Adams was first elected to represent the neighborhoods of Jamaica, Rochdale Village, Richmond Hill, and South Ozone Park in November 2017. A lifelong resident of Southeast Queens and longtime community activist, Adrienne has been a leader for public safety, education equity, and economic development. Her ascension to the Speakership is the culmination of decades of public service and community organizing. She has previously served as a Community Board member and Chairperson, a member of the Community District Council, and the NAACP, among other community and advocacy groups.


Council Member Adams’ trailblazing campaign for Speaker received support from the following members:




Council Member Carlina Rivera, District 2

Council Member Keith Powers, District 4

Council Member-elect Gale Brewer, District 6

Council Member Diana Ayala, District 8




Council Member Sandra Ung, District 20

Council Member Tiffany Cabán, District 22

Council Member-elect Linda Lee, District 23

Council Member Jim Gennaro, District 24

Council Member-elect Shekar Krishnan, District 25

Council Member-elect Julie Won, District 26

Council Member-elect Nantasha Williams, District 27

Council Member Adrienne Adams, District 28

Council Member-elect Lynn Schulman, District 29

Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers, District 31




Council Member Eric Dinowitz, District 11

Council Member Kevin Riley, District 12

Council Member-elect Marjorie Velázquez, District 13

Council Member-elect Pierina Sanchez, District 14

Council Member-elect Althea Stevens, District 16

Council Member Rafael Salamanca, District 17

Council Member-elect Amanda Farías, District 18




Council Member-elect Lincoln Restler, District 33

Council Member-elect Jennifer Gutiérrez, District 34

Council Member-elect Crystal Hudson, District 35

Council Member-elect Chi Ossé, District 36

Council Member-elect Sandy Nurse, District 37

Council Member-elect Alexa Avilés, District 38

Council Member-elect Shahana Hanif, District 39

Council Member-elect Rita Joseph, District 40

Council Member-elect Darlene Mealy, District 41

Council Member Justin Brannan, District 43

Council Member Farah N. Louis, District 45 

Council Member-elect Mercedes Narcisse, District 46

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