Friday, December 17, 2021

17 Days Left in Office


Hey Ruben that veteran Bronx political reporter Robert Press went after both you and me on PARROT TV TALKING POLITICS where he is the host of. He used this very picture to describe our shortcomings. He blasted me for sending Thirty-Seven percent of the homeless population to the Bronx where you have only eighteen percent of the city population, and then he blasted you for allowing it to happen, while you did nothing to stop it.

Why didn't you put him on Bronx Community Board 11 this year with all his experience from Bronx Community Board 8 where he was Vice-Chair of two important committees, and then chaired the Budget Committee in his six years on that board. Bob has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to community boards and many other areas, I'm surprised that after putting him on board 8 that you would not reappoint him, because the Bronx Democratic Party told you not to reappoint him. Robert Press is now running for Male District Leader in the 80th Assembly District. Ruben you have been a good puppet, but sometimes you have to be independent and think for yourself. I liked that photo of you picking up trash on the show, and I hope Mayor Adams will give you a position like that, where you can be useful. I also laughed at the part where Assemblywoman Fernandez didn't know where her own district line was. Now you know why the Bronx has been dumped on so much, it's because of the political leadership, or lack of it. 

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