Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Bronx Conservative Party Christmas Event Features Bronx Republican Candidates

The Bronx Conservative Party under new Chairman Patrick McManus held its Christmas Party Sunday where Bronx Republican Party Chair Michael Rendino showcased his choices for the June Republican Primary led by Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin who will be facing announced candidates Rob Astorino and Andrew Giuliani for the position of Governor of New York State.

Other members of the Rendino team were Attorney General candidate Michael Henry, U.S. Senate candidate Aleksander Mici. 14th Congressional District candidate Pura H. Dejesus-Coniglio, 80th A.D. candidate Phyliss 'Tiz Nastasio, 81st A.D. candidate Kevin Pazmino, and 82nd A.D. candidate John Cerini. Congressman Zeldin  spoke about the Fight for Freedom, being a former member of the armed forces, he said that losing in the June primary and then the November General election was not an option. Zeldin added that people have crime as their number one issue, and that it seems that New York State has gone back to when crime was rampant in the 1980's. As governor he will change that.

Congressman Lee Zeldin and his wife Diana are greeted by  Bronx Conservative Party Chair Patrick McManus. 

Bronx Conservative Party Chair Patrick McManus welcomes everyone to the Bronx Conservative Party headquarters on Morris Park Avenue. 

Bronx Republican Party Chair Michael Rendino announces his slate of candidates that will be also on the Bronx Conservative Party line. 

Candidate for New York State governor Congressman Lee Zeldin addresses the many issues he says that face New Yorkers with crime leading the way.

Candidate for the 14th Congressional District Pura H. Dejusus-Coniglio said that God told her to run for the 14th Congressional District. She is the Pastor of Love Gospel Church Without Walls.

L - R Bronx Conservative Party candidate 79th A.D. 2020, John Cerini Republican candidate 82d A.D. 2022, Kevin Pazmino Republican candidate 81st A.D. 2022, Phyliss 'Tiz' Nastasio Republican candidate 80th A.D. 2022, Anthony Rivieccio founder Northwest Bronx Democrats. 

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