Thursday, January 20, 2022

Van Cortlandt Park Alliance - Tell Councilman Dinowitz Van Cortlandt Park Needs His Support!


Van Cortlandt Park and other NYC Parks need your advocacy. 


Just the other day, the Mayor asked City Agencies to cut their budgets by 3%.*

NYC Parks cannot afford to do this!


NYC Parks is already chronically underfunded and understaffed: there are not nearly enough City Park Workers, Gardeners or PEP officers. In fact, approximately just 300 Park Enforcement Patrol officers are expected to patrol every park in all 5 boroughs. In the Bronx, there are currently fewer than 30 PEP officers!


The budget for Parks in other large cities is 2% of the overall budget, on average. In NYC, it is 0.5%!!

Considering 14% of NYC is parkland, that is just not enough money. Van Cortlandt Park alone is 1,146 acres and serves nearly 3 million visitors a year. Yet, on a regular day, we have 2 PEP officers covering the whole park. And their shift is NOT 24/7!


NYC Council Members and the Mayor will spend the next few months planning the City’s budget. Councilman Eric Dinowitz is seeking your input on how to spend capital and expense dollars in his district.


If you live in District 11, please help Van Cortlandt Park and take a few minutes to complete this Google Form.  


1. Question: Where would you like to see capital dollars invested in District 11? 

Answer: Parks & Recreation


1a. Write in the capital projects you would like to see in Van Cortlandt Park. 

African Burial Grounds: This area needs landscaping, interpretive signage, and a memorial to the enslaved African and Indigenous people who lived, worked, and died on the land that is now the park. 

Birding Bridge: The bridge that crosses the wetland near the golf course is in disrepair and should be replaced. 

Comfort Station: North End of the Parade Ground: This part of the park is in dire need of a restroom facility!  


2. Question: What programs and services do you want prioritized in District 11? 

Answer: Check “Other.”  Write in “Parks!”


2a. Write in where you think expense funding should go:

Van Cortlandt Park Alliance Educational and Stewardship Programs

Parks Enforcement Patrol

City Park Workers


Van Cortlandt Park Alliance is grateful for all of the ways that you support our beloved park.  

Thank you for speaking up for Parks!


Mayor asks City Agencies to cut their budgets by 3%

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