Tuesday, January 18, 2022




"As we have seen throughout the pandemic, one-time investments and actions are critical to alleviating a moment of crisis, but they are insufficient in addressing the underlying issues that predate and were exacerbated by the pandemic, crises that will continue after federal money is depleted. While the state’s budget includes many necessary investments, these expenditures are buoyed by one-time federal investment rather than a long-term commitment to a renewed deal for New York. 

"As the Governor demonstrated by allowing the eviction moratorium to expire amid a winter surge and with neither good cause protections nor adequate investment in affordable housing, it has never been more clear that one-time, one-year actions simply do not cut it. Unfortunately, Governor Hochul is ignoring these lessons, relying on a one-time infusion of federal money to fund a series of temporary solutions to problems that aren’t going away. 

"The Governor’s insistence that we cannot create long-term programs because of a lack of funding is undercut by her refusal to include common-sense revenue raising measures in her budget.  Rather than continuing to placate wealthy donors and big-moneyed special interests at the expense of other New Yorkers, we need to ask them to do their civic duty by paying their fair share, raising billions in new revenue and allowing us to pay for programs that will dramatically impact the lives of hardworking families for the long-term. We need a budget and approach that makes longtime investments that improve people's lives – not just for a year but for the course of their lifetimes."

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