Monday, May 16, 2022

Governor Hochul can’t stand up to the scrutiny


My opponent, Governor Hochul, is once again following the model of disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

After previously committing to meet the public and answer questions at “multiple debates” throughout this election, Governor Hochul has finally exposed what she really meant. She committed to the bare minimum, rejecting numerous offers from multiple major media outlets to participate in statewide syndicated debates beginning as soon as two weeks from now.

Instead, my opponent agreed to only two debates, both held at the latest possible moments right before Election Day, because she knows her administration can’t stand up to the public scrutiny.

Debates are a critical part of reaching voters, connecting with the community, and sharing our vision for the future. Without these critical public forums, our campaign is robbed of valuable access to sharing our message for change with voters and that’s exactly what Governor Hochul is counting on.

Governor Hochul fears if New Yorkers hear the message of our campaign for change that it will hurt her campaign -- and, on that, I will agree, she’s right.

New Yorker’s want a leader who will fight for them in Albany, not Wall Street billionaires and special interests. They want a fighter for workers, not a lapdog for corporations.

My opponent knows that when voters learn my track record of success and vision for the future -- tackling the housing crisis, building a working people’s economy, reforming policing, and fighting big money to deliver real results for New Yorkers everywhere -- we win.

Working together, we will not let our voices be silenced. We will make sure voters statewide hear our vision for New York. And we’ll win, because we have you.

Thank you for making a difference today.


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