Saturday, May 21, 2022

State Senator Gustavo Rivera - Proud Bronxite. Now and Forever.



Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera on Which Senate District He Intends to Run For

"While I believe that this entire process has been deeply flawed, utterly undemocratic, and intended to diminish the voices of communities of color in our government, a determination has been made by the courts and the district maps are now final. With so much work left to do in the legislature, I will be running for reelection in the new 33rd Senatorial District, which includes significant parts of my current district, as well as many communities that I represented when I was first elected to the Senate."


We believe current state Senator Gustavo Rivera is making a big mistake if he thinks he can win a Riverdale State Senate District. We say that because Senator Rivera would be going up against not only the Bronx Democratic Party announced candidate who lives in Riverdale, and Mr. Christian Amato who was the former Deputy, and then Chief of Staff to Senator Biaggi, and is currently a member of Bronx community Board 11. 

Senator Rivera who is currently the State Senate health Committee Chair will have to answer to his inaction on COVID-19, which continues to this day. His lack of improving Bronx public school in his district for the over ten years in office, and other items we know will come out during the campaign. 

We would suggest to Senator Rivera to run in the 32nd State Senate seat since the current 32nd State Senator will be moved into the new 34th State Senate district, leaving the new 32nd State Senate Ditrict open for anyone to take, as he won election term after term without a primary.

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