Monday, May 16, 2022

March & Rally Bronx to Yonkers w/ the #PassNYHealth Care-avan on Friday, May 20


Hello Bronx Progressives, 

Hope you're all having an awesome May. We are thrilled to share with you the invite below on behalf of Northwest Bronx Community, Clergy, and Coalition, and Campaign for New York Health Act. The end of the legislative session is fast approaching, while the New York Health Act remains stalled in the legislative process, with little hope to going to a vote for this session. Well, this campaign is not giving up without a good fight! 

Join Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, Campaign for NY Health and partners at our state lawmakers’ offices in the Bronx and in Yonkers to demand a vote this session on the New York Health Act — comprehensive, affordable, universal healthcare. The physical, mental and financial lives of their voters are needlessly suffering because of their inaction!

March and Rally to Demand Universal Healthcare Now! 

Join at points that make sense for you. Transportation and refreshments available.

9:00AM   Transportation available from Northwest Bronx to East Bronx

10:45AM March & Rally at Assembly Speaker Heastie’s Bronx office

12:00PM Care-avan from Bronx rally to Yonkers rally

1:45PM   March & Rally at Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins’ Yonkers office

RSVP for more details:

Wear your organization’s regalia, wear RED, wear your scrubs or white coats! Rally signs will be available, but we welcome homemade signs! 

*Negative COVID test results within 24 hours of using our transportation is required. Masks are required on the bus and throughout the actions.

Invite your community by forwarding this email to 3 of your friends or organizations!

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