Sunday, December 26, 2021

7 Day and Counting


Let me get ready for my last Monday Media Availability, because it should be a real fun one. Do I blame Kathy for the Omicron surge. She is calling every new case of COVID, Omicron, just like Andrew called every death a COVID death. I have to position myself right so I can use this against her when I run for governor.

It's good that the schools are closed for the rest of my time as your mayor, be it only one week to go until Mayor Adams takes over, and this is his problem to deal with Kathy. No matter what Mayor Adams does he will be blamed, just as Mayor Lindsay was blamed when he became mayor during a snow storm, and the sanitation workers went on strike so there was no snow removal on the city streets. Those were the good old days when it snowed big by New Years day, and there was no talk of Global Warming.

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