Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bronx Metro-North: Thank you for helping to move the study forward in 2021!


Thank you for all your insights, feedback, and ideas in 2021!

The Bronx Metro-North Study (BMNS) Team and the Department of City Planning (DCP) would like to thank everyone who participated in our Remote Open House, Remote Workshops, and Remote Office Hours in 2021. Your insights, concerns, and vision will be critical in updating the draft plan to ensure that the station areas are ready for new planned service. 

Since launching our remote engagement:

  • 150+ Community Members have participated in our Remote Workshops and Remote Office Hours
  • 185+ Station-Area Surveys have been completed
  • 2,500+ visitors who have accessed our Remote Open House

This latest webpage update ensures transparency and ample opportunities for further discussion in these ongoing planning processes. Help Build the Plan!

While the MTA is set to begin construction on the stations in 2022, the Bronx Metro-North Station-Area Study team will be working to create a final plan based on all the feedback received throughout the process. The final plan will be an important step as we seek to ensure our Bronx neighborhoods are ready for the new service.
To read an important message from the Director of the Department of City Planning, Anita Laremont, click the link below. 
Message from the Director of City Planning, Anita Laremont
To speak directly with planning staff, please sign up for our remote office hours by clicking below.
BMNS Office Hours Bookings

Metro-North is moving forward!

Following the uncertainties of 2020, this past year has been full of good news for Metro-North as they work to build and bring service to the planned stations. 

Earlier the this Metro-North learned that they had passed their environmental review process with flying colors. 

Construction will begin in 2022, making the station area planning all the more important as we move into the new year!

We're excited to to continue to work with you the community, Metro-North, and City and State agencies to ensure that the station areas are fully prepared for this exciting new service.
To read more about the draft plan, visit our Draft Plan overview to watch our station-area overview videos and to read our draft recommendations and more by clicking below.
Building the Draft Plan


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