Friday, April 29, 2022

Alessandra Biaggi = An update on Congressional maps.

Alessandra Biaggi - Democrat for Congress


By now, many of you know that the New York State Court of Appeals threw out the new Congressional and State Senate maps that were implemented earlier this year.

I’m reaching out today to personally explain how that changes the state of our race.

Here’s what’s next:

  • First, a liaison appointed by the court will redraw the lines of the district. This will mean that the primaries will be pushed from June to August, with the date to be determined.
  • Then, all candidates will have to re-do the process of petitioning to get on the ballot.

I know that this is a confusing update, and we’re still waiting for more information. I’ll make sure to share as soon as I know more.

But I want you to know that my commitment to bringing much-needed progressive representation and urgency to Congress hasn’t changed.

I got in this race because I believe in canceling student debt, protecting the right to an abortion, legalizing marijuana on the federal level, doing what it takes to reverse the impacts of climate change, healthcare for all, standing up to Republicans to protect voting rights and our democracy, and more. I am the most qualified, experienced, and committed candidate in NY-3. That remains as true today as it was last week, and I am moving full steam ahead.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be in touch soon.

– Alessandra


Senator Biaggi has said on television that she will not run for her senate seat, and intends to run for congress. 

We believe that the way NY3 was set up running from Westchester County, through the Bronx, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, that there is no way the Special Master can keep that proposed district intact. Will Senator Biaggi run in another congressional district? Would she run against Congressman Jamaal Bowman who currently holds her grandfather's old congressional seat?

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