Thursday, April 28, 2022

Governor Hochul Announces Historic State Funding to Yonkers Schools - Is This Quid Pro Quo for the State Senate to Change the Election Law?

Governor Hochul poses for a group photo.

FY 2023 Budget Provides Unprecedented Support for Students and Teachers

Historic Plan Includes Record $31.5 Billion in Total Statewide School Aid for School Year 2023 - Highest Level of State Aid Ever

Record $360.1 Million in State Aid to Yonkers City Schools in 2022-2023 

 Governor Kathy Hochul today announced historic state funding to Yonkers schools for the 2022-2023 school year. This aid is part of Governor Hochul's unprecedented investment in education in the FY 2023 State Budget. Those investments include a statewide school aid increase of $2.1 billion, including a $1.5 billion increase in Foundation Aid and a $125 million increase in pre-kindergarten for four-year-old children. Additionally, the Budget provides $100 million in matching funds to provide academic and mental health supports for students and educators.

"Our FY 2023 State Budget includes historic investments that will make a difference in people's lives now and for years to come, including a record investment in our public schools - the largest in state history," Governor Hochul said. "The COVID-19 pandemic was an unimaginable experience forced upon our teachers and students, but they rose to the challenge. It is now our responsibility to ensure they have support to get back on track, recover, and thrive and I thank Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins for her collaboration on this budget which unleashes the power of New York's education system."  

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, "I'm proud that we are continuing to build on the efforts I helped lead over the past years to fully fund our schools so that regardless of zip code or school district, every New York student has access to a high-quality education. This past budget, it was important that effort pushed forward with Governor Hochul, Senate Education Chair Shelley Mayer, the Democratic Senate Majority, and our partners in the Assembly. Working together, we were able to bring home these historic levels of funding to our students in Yonkers and across New York State. These landmark investments in students from cradle to college will ensure a bright path forward for New York."

The FY 2023 State Budget provides $360.1 million in state aid to Yonkers City schools in 2022-2023 - an increase of $25.5 million, or 7.6 percent, over the previous school year. This includes 2022-23 Foundation Aid of $246.7 million, a year-to-year increase of $12.7 million or 5.4 percent. The Yonkers City School District also receives $19.6 million of VLT aid, and an additional $12 million in the SED budget.

The Budget increases School Aid in the Mid-Hudson region by $358.7 million, or 13.0 percent, including a $267.3 million, or 15.0 percent, increase in Foundation Aid. This increase is largely driven by the second year of the three-year phase-in of full funding of the Foundation Aid formula.


What a coincidence, State Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins is getting additional funding for the schools in her district. Is this Quid Pro Quo so the State Senate will vote to change the election law so Brian Benjamin's name can be taken off the ballot, thus allowing another name to be substituted?

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