Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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Are you ready for a NYC summer? We are.  Third Avenue Business Improvement District joined Mayor Eric Adams and leaders from throughout New York City in reviewing the first 100 days of the Adams Administration. We are excited about the energy of our City and Borough and invite you to join us as we celebrate the best of our City - our people - and our drive to adapt, develop and grow.  We have always promoted entrepreneurship and the grit to get things done.  Join us!

Are you ready for a NYC summer? We are.  Elected officials and agencies are important partners in the work to get stuff done.  Third Avenue Business Improvement District consistently engages with partners in government to ensure that the Bronx's busiest commercial district is well represented and that constituent needs are met.
We move over 300,000 visitors and residents a day. That's a lot of people. Understanding and reimagining how our streets and public spaces engage with the community is a priority of the District. From bike lanes, busways, to plazas, opens streets, and sidewalks the District has been on the ground, working with partners at New York City Department of Transportation to understand and implement solutions for the varied needs of our community.  CarFreeNYC gave the neighborhood a taste of what could be - pedestrianized streets, more free public programs, containerization of garbage & waste and so much more. We continue to be grateful for our strong partnership with the City of New York as Third Avenue BID manages Roberto Clemente Plaza, Graham Triangle, and two Open Streets - Willis Avenue and Alexander Avenue.
Engage. Learn. Renew. From sidewalks to bridges and catch basins and everything in between we've got your back South Bronx. We understand the need to love and maintain our neighborhood and love that you do too!  Community Days of Action provide an organized way to give back and help fill gaps in City services by bringing together volunteers and organizations which work to create a positive and inviting Bronx.  At the heart of everything we do is engagement and this is just one of the tools in the community economic development toolbox. Over the past month we have engaged with over 100 volunteers to focus on high traffic areas of the HUB, Willis Avenue, Alexander Avenue, Third Avenue Bridge, and more.  Be on the look out for our next Community Day of Action on Graham Triangle at 138th Street and Third Avenue, 5/21/22 at 9am, REGISTER CLICK HERE.
A holistic blue print: from crisis to recovery. A holistic approach to crisis has guided Third Avenue Business Improvement District.  From navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, to crime, to the most recent fire in the District, keeping a calm and collected head has allowed for growth, development, and movement to address systemic conditions that have often divided the South Bronx. Gratefully, there are partners in government and in agencies that assist in our common goal to get things done strategically and purposefully. 

Upcoming trainings include:
  • Overdose Prevention Training, 5/3/2022, 9am - Free Registration, Click Here 
  • Respectful Workplace & Sexual Harassment Employee Training, 5/10/2022, 11am - 12:30pm - Free Registration, Click Here
It's about more than buildings. The major development that has occurred in the South Bronx is based of years of planning, community engagement, and research studies. Once dotted with burned out lots and vacant buildings, the South Bronx is now home to artists, emerging entrepreneurs, mixed income housing, and community and destination amenities. At Third Avenue Business Improvement District we believe that there is room in the "tent" for everyone and we consistently advocate for community needs and mission driven development from the shores of the Harlem River to the heart of the gateway to the Bronx.
Business doesn't stop when the sun goes down. The From commercial kitchens and stock rooms, to your sales floor or for a late night or early morning conversation, Third Avenue Business Improvement District's business services team is there for you.  From emergency services to ensuring you have the right advice or technology to grow to scale our team meets business owners where they are in the lifespan of their business. Have a question? Need assistance? Click here


Salsa Saturdays // Alexander Avenue  4/30/22
Join Third Avenue BID as we celebrate National Bookstore Day and the anniversary of the Bronx's only bookstore, The Lit. Bar with games for children, story hour, and salsa!

This event is free & open to the public.


Drag Story Hour // Alexander Avenue  4/30/22
Join Third Avenue BID as we celebrate National Bookstore Day with Drag Story Hour, children's programs, and salsa in front of the Bronx's only brick and mortar bookstore, The Lit. Bar.

131 Alexander Avenue Bronx, NY
This event is free & open to the public.


Overdose Prevention Training for Small Businesses,  5/3/22
Join Third Avenue BID, St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction, Acacia Network, Councilmember Salamanca, and Chocobar Cortes for this important, live saving training.

Register: CLICK HERE


Music Series w/ James Teal // Roberto Clemente Plaza,  5/4/22
Join Third Avenue BID as we launch our Wednesday music series on Roberto Clemente Plaza with the talented James Teal.  A classically trainined violinist, James brings a combination of classic vibes with pop and R & B.

This event is free & open to the public.


Salsa Saturdays // Alexander Avenue,  5/7/22
Join Third Avenue BID for our first live band to kick off the 2022 program season with Los Hermanos de Leon on Alexander Avenue from 4pm-8pm

This event is free & open to the public.


Respectful Workplaces & Sexual Harassment // Employee Training,  5/10/22
Join Third Avenue BID and the Bronx Chamber of Commerce for this required annual employee training on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Register: Click Here


Day of Action // Graham Triangle,  5/21/22
Grab some mulch and a paint brush! Join Third Avenue BID, the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and community leaders for a morning of community action on Graham Triangle at 138th Street.

Register: CLICK HERE


Salsa Lessons // Alexander Avenue,  5/26/22
Join Third Avenue BID, Discover Puerto Rico, and ChocoBar Cortes for free live music and salsa lessons on Alexander Avenue from 5pm-8pm as part of Open Street programming.

This outside event is free and open to the public

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