Monday, September 27, 2021

96 Days and Counting


Let me see, I have so many items to go over today. I will visit Rikers Island this week, and I am sure those pesky reporters will ask me when I am going, and if they can come along. I will tour Rikers with some of my staff, and then I will hold a press conference afterwards, and answer questions.

At least there were no noticeable incidents that happened over the weekend with the exception of the seizure of an unlicensed street vendor in the Bronx of produce that was put into one of our sanitation trucks. I think it was wrong, and that if the food was confiscated it should have been given to a food bank or some place else like that. We will investigate what happened and get back to you in ninety-seven days. 

Otherwise 82% of our teachers are vaccinated, and We are confident that we will win the lawsuit with the UFT this week so all our school staff will be vaccinated. My top doctors see no problems in city hospitals with our own city hospital system staff well vaccinated, and ready for the required state mandate that all hospital staff be vaccinated today, statewide. 

Since the National Weather Center can't get their predictions right I am creating the position of Extreme Weather Coordinator in City Hall, who will work with NYCEM and other agencies to lead and organize weather responses. Starting today Deputy Mayor for Administration Emma Wolfe will be the first to serve in this role.

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