Monday, September 27, 2021

Governor Hochul Updates New Yorkers on State's Progress Combating COVID-19 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

 Clinical specimen testing for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Wadsworth Laboratory

New York State School COVID-19 Report Card Updated and Available to the Public Here

45,576 Vaccine Doses Administered Over Last 24 Hours  

24 COVID-19 Deaths Statewide Yesterday 

 Governor Kathy Hochul today updated New Yorkers on the state's progress combating COVID-19.  

In addition, the New York State School COVID-19 Report Card, an online dashboard which tracks near real-time COVID-19 infections and testing operations reported by New York schools and school districts, is now updated and available to the public as another source of information for families and communities. As of Monday, September 13th, all schools are required to submit a daily report to the Department on each operational day of the school year. This includes information on cases reported to the school and broken out by students, staff and teachers. Report card data includes: positive cases by date; number of students and staff on site; percentage of on-site positive cases; number of tests administered by school and test type; and date of last submission and update. The website has been updated to simplify reporting for schools, and all information reported since September 13th is now available online. Local school districts should also have this information readily available on their websites. The dashboard also includes lab-reported cases of COVID-19 for students 5-17 years old, as all COVID-19 test results for New York State residents 5-17 years old are reported by laboratories to the Department of Health. This reflects the number of COVID-19 tests and test results for students living in a school district. There may be discrepancies in the two data sets due to reporting lag times and other variables.

"The school COVID-19 report card will help the state as we keep track of infections and trends among students, teachers, staff to provide additional information," Governor Hochul said. "Keeping our children safe and healthy is our number one priority - we can do that by wearing a mask, washing our hands and getting vaccinated if we are eligible to be. Our vaccines have proven effective and safe, they are free and readily available. Getting yours is the best way to protect your community against the virus."
Today's data is summarized briefly below:


  •          Test Results Reported - 128,700
  •          Total Positive - 4,004
  •          Percent Positive - 3.11%
  •          7-Day Average Percent Positive - 2.72%
  •          Patient Hospitalization - 2,341 (+42)
  •          Patients Newly Admitted - 236
  •          Patients in ICU - 564 (+16)
  •          Patients in ICU with Intubation - 316 (-1)
  •          Total Discharges - 199,996 (+190)
  •          New deaths reported by healthcare facilities through HERDS - 24
  •          Total deaths reported by healthcare facilities through HERDS - 44,431

The Health Electronic Response Data System is a NYS DOH data source that collects confirmed daily death data as reported by hospitals, nursing homes and adult care facilities only.

  •          Total deaths reported to and compiled by the CDC - 56,611

This daily COVID-19 provisional death certificate data reported by NYS DOH and NYC to the CDC includes those who died in any location, including hospitals, nursing homes, adult care facilities, at home, in hospice and other settings.

  •          Total vaccine doses administered - 25,067,235
  •          Total vaccine doses administered over past 24 hours - 45,576
  •          Total vaccine doses administered over past 7 days - 361,108
  •          Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with at least one vaccine dose - 81.2%
  •          Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with completed vaccine series - 73.2%
  •          Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with at least one vaccine dose (CDC) - 83.7%
  •          Percent of New Yorkers ages 18 and older with completed vaccine series (CDC) - 75.1%
  •          Percent of all New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose - 68.7%
  •          Percent of all New Yorkers with completed vaccine series - 61.8%
  •          Percent of all New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose (CDC) - 70.9%
  •          Percent of all New Yorkers with completed vaccine series (CDC) - 63.4%

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