Monday, September 27, 2021

Statement from the Bronx Democratic Party and Chair Jamaal T. Bailey on Nomination of Yudelka Tapia as Democratic Nominee for Assemblymember of the 86th District


 "We are proud to congratulate District Leader Yudelka Tapia on her nomination by the 86th Bronx Democratic County Committee to serve as the next Assemblymember of the 86th Assembly District. The Bronx continues to make great strides towards leadership that is representative of our great borough. For the first time, The Bronx’s Assembly delegation is primed to be comprised of a majority of female members. Yudelka Tapia is shattering a glass ceiling, as she will be the first woman to represent the 86th Assembly District. A Dominican mother of four who raised her family in the Bronx, she has worked tirelessly to champion working families and serve her community as a union leader, organizer, and Democratic District Leader. With over three decades of experience advocating for investment in our public schools, worker protections, safe and affordable housing, and criminal justice reforms to advance racial justice, Yudelka Tapia has long demonstrated her vision and leadership, and there is no one better-equipped to carry the mantle of leadership forward. We look forward to working with her in this new capacity to fight hard for the resources we need for a fair recovery that lifts all of our communities.”


It should be noted this is for the special election to replace former Assemblyman Victor Pichardo, that will take place on the day of the November General Election.

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