Sunday, September 26, 2021

97 Days and Counting


Now how do I get out of this tomorrow. My fellow Democrats have forced my hand, and I am going to have to visit Rikers Island this week. At least I have a few days to figure out what I am going to say, do I fire the Corrections Commissioner or do I let Mayor Adams fire him? 

Those pesky reporters are going to have a hundred questions for me, so it's good that I only have eight of them I take questions from. Lets see which reporters I want to have my moderator call on. Tomorrow is also the deadline for hospital workers to be fired if they do not get vaccinated, but that is Governor Hochul's mandate. I caved in to the UFT and moved the DOE deadline back, because there would be a teacher shortage. We may have to call Councilman Dinowitz back to the front of the class.

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