Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Ali Forney Center - 11/5, save the date for We Are Family!



Save the date, November 5th!

We Are Family is an evening of affirmation for our homeless LGBTQ+ youth that there is family in our community and that people care about them. This is an event to raise funds for the Ali Forney Center’s meal program, which served over 378,000 meals in 2020 across our 17 sites in New York City. During the pandemic, while families from across the country and around the world were gathering to share meals and find safety, togetherness, and love, our youth were not offered that. The goal of this event is to not only fund our meal program, but also demonstrate for our young people that in spite of what their families believe they are worthy of being loved and they are worthy of having a family.

Join us with a special celebrity guest, the director of our meal program, and a young graduate of our culinary internship for a night of food and love to celebrate and protect the most vulnerable of our LGBTQ+ youth.

We Are Family is an in-person and virtual hybrid event, and we welcome you to join the celebration on November 5th.


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