Wednesday, October 27, 2021

66 Days and Counting


Here I was at the Bronx Democratic Party Dinner, where they had me stand on a platform at one end of the room rather than having your mayor stand on the front stage. Was Carl Heastie and Jamaal Bailey telling me something about my future in politics? That I should step aside and let others stand where I have.

The New York State Democratic Party is trying to not have a primary for governor, as Jay Jacob has already endorsed Interim Governor David Patterson, I mean Kathy Hochul. However Jay Jacobs the New York Party Chairman refuses to endorse the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Buffalo. He went as far as comparing the Democratic candidate to David Duke who has been tied to the KKK in the south. Jay Jacobs is trying to fix the primary for New York State Governor, and refuses to do his job as Democratic Party Leader in the state by refusing to endorse a candidate for Buffalo mayor who is the Democratic candidate. Jay Jacobs, you should step down as the New York State Democratic Party Chair.

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