Tuesday, October 26, 2021

67 Days and Counting


Where do I start today? Well it is New York City in your Borough, and this week we are in Manhattan. One good thing about City Hall in Manhattan is that we are here every day since City Hall is in lower Manhattan. What is that Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, forget about the other boroughs, Manhattan is the one borough that counts. Aren't you in the running for the City Council Speaker position since you are going back to the city council. 

It's been nine years since Hurricane Sandy, and today with 67 days left in office, and I am finally putting up some money for the South Manhattan resiliency program. I am going to empty the city coffers so there is nothing left for Mayor Adams. He will have to start at Zero dollars, and have to cut services from day one. The people will remember me as the mayor who put my or should I say the cities money where my mouth is.

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