Thursday, October 28, 2021

Earth Day Initiative - What you need to understand about climate action


We recently hosted a discussion with representatives from March for Science and Fridays for Future and former New York Times chief environment and climate correspondent Andrew Revkin to explain what COP26 is, the state of the Paris Agreement, and what you can do. 
You can watch that full COP26 explainer here
The gist is that increasingly alarming reports are issued every week about the dire nature of the climate crisis and the lack of appropriate and robust responses from business and government.  Even the commitments made in the past (like finance for climate action) are not being met and vague goals (like carbon neutral pledges) set us up for failure in the future. 
We need to see climate action before it's too late.  And the most impactful thing you can do is use your voice.  
Take one minute to tell your own leaders that we need bold climate action before COP26 next week.  Click here.

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