Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rep. Jamaal Bowman - I support the Proposed Homeless Shelter in Riverdale


 Rep. Jamaal Bowman issued the following statement regarding the proposed homeless shelter at 6661 Broadway in Riverdale:


“Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety, security, and dignity of all. As we all have experienced firsthand, this pandemic has had a devastating effect on our communities in every way. 


“It’s clear that homelessness is reaching a crisis point in our city. The rate of single adults in New York City experiencing homelessness reached record levels during the pandemic. Shelters can provide a vital lifeline to those experiencing homelessness — and with the pandemic exacerbating this crisis, there is a need for more shelters throughout our city. I support the ongoing efforts to provide resources and temporary housing to those who are struggling and vulnerable.


“It’s also understandable for residents to have questions and concerns about developments in their neighborhood, and I’ve heard from many of my constituents about the proposed homeless shelter at 6661 Broadway in Riverdale. It is clear that the details of this facility have not been sufficiently communicated to the surrounding community, and I urge the City government to provide as much transparency as possible to residents about the proposed shelter — including information about the service provider and contract details, the number of residents, security plans, and how this would impact other existing facilities in the neighborhood.


“We can and must do more to address policy failures across the legislative spectrum that lead to homelessness and break down the systemic barriers to economic and housing stability that many in our district, who are disproportionately Black and brown, continue to face. Our crisis of affordable housing has been made worse in recent years, and I’ve been advocating for an expedited distribution of emergency rental assistance funds to those facing eviction. I’m also fighting to pass an $80 billion investment in public housing through the Build Back Better Act. 


“I encourage any constituents with questions or concerns on any local matter to continue to reach out to my office.” 

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