Sunday, October 24, 2021

Job Fair by NY Department of Labor and Assemblywoman Fernandez


I would love to report on how good the Job fair at Columbus High School by the New York State Department of Labor and Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez went, but after taking a few photos with permission, Assemblywoman Fernandez's Executive Director told me I could not take anymore photos and asked me to leave. 

While I did speak to the Ms. Ingrid Gonzalez from the NYS Department of Labor who said I could take photos, I saw the anger in Assemblywoman Fernandez's Executive Director about the photo Ms. Kimberly Meindl, a supervisor for Hunter Ambulance who gave me permission to take her photo after she fixed her hair and glasses. Assemblywoman Fernandez's Executive Director directed me to delete that photo, which I obliged not wanting to have the Assemblywoman who I had come to photograph mad at me. 

It seems that Hunter Ambulance was headquartered in Inwood Long Island before recently arriving in the Bronx, and appearing at events with Assemblywoman Fernandez. Only being told Assemblywoman Fernandez would arrive later, so I decided to leave, as wanted by the assemblywoman's Executive Director. Below are the few photos I did get to take in a public high school at a public event. All photos were taken with the approval of the people being photographed. 

I can only say that I have sat down with Assemblywoman Fernandez to tell her of my intention to run for Democratic Male District Leader of the 80th Assembly District, and I have been told that she may have another person in mind for her slate. I would hate to think that politics is now being put in place by Assemblywoman Fernandez, and the Bronx Democratic Party Leader Jamaal Bailey, who I have been told has given Assemblywoman Fernandez here new District Leader choices. It appears that Assemblywoman Fernandez is throwing away the Conservative values of the 80th Assembly District to force on it very Liberal Socialist Laws such as opening the doors to Rikers Island, and the placement of 540 single adult males some who could be Level One and Level Two Sex Offenders, Drug Addicts, and other Quality of Life offenders who were being held in jail into the 80th Assembly District, and Community Board 11.

Here two staffers of Senator Biaggi, and a nicer staffer of Assemblywoman Fernandez hold up information from their respective offices. 

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