Monday, September 20, 2021

105 Days and Counting


Let me see here there is so much stuff in front of me, now where do I start. It look like you people are going to be here a long time, because I have to go through all of this. We are in Queens this week for our 'City Hall in Your Borough Week', and this week it is Queens. All I have left is Brooklyn since I am in Manhattan nearly every day. 

Yes I heard there was another death on Riker's Island, and some of those pesky reporters are probably going to ask me about all those closed classrooms due to COVID, and the one school in Manhattan that is closed. Chancellor Porter, what are parents are complaining about now, their children being rushed through lunch where they don't wear their mask. Ten minutes should be enough for anyone to eat lunch, that is why it is called a lunch break. After this, I am off to help break ground for the new 116th police precinct here in Queens. 

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