Monday, September 20, 2021



"Marjorie Velázquez needs to clarify her positions and assure our community that she is not lying to us."

"Well Marjorie, are you willing to defend your positions?"

 Aleksander Mici, Republican candidate for New York City Council in the 13th District in the Bronx, today challenged Democratic candidate Marjorie Velázquez to a series of four debates throughout the district.

Debate #1 (Week of October 4th): Quality of Life Issues
Debate #2: (Week of October 11th): Law & Order and Police Issues
Debate #3: (Week of October 18th): Up-zoning Issues at Bruckner Blvd Development site
Debate #4: (Week of October 25th): Local Issues

Aleksander Mici said, "What's clear is that my opponent's positions are unclear. Regarding up-zoning in our community, she is either lying to Open New York, or lying to us. She can't have it both ways, which is why I have challenged her to a series of debates, including one in front of the Bruckner Blvd site in question. She MUST be transparent with the community and let us know her positions on issues important to us. How can she expect to represent us in the City Council when she refuses to make her positions known?"

Since Velázquez is endorsed by Open New York, an organization that expressly advocates for "policies that encourage ... upzoning for greater densities, raising height-limits and reducing setbacks, and streamlining the approval process for social housing," and yet has also stated that she opposes up-zoning on Bruckner Blvd., her actual positions are unclear.

Mici concluded, "I escaped to America from a communist dictator - I know the evils of one-party rule firsthand. The voters of the 13th Council District in the Bronx deserve to know the positions of their candidates. I pledge to work with my opponent on scheduling these four debates at mutually convenient times and locations, if she will commit to participating in them. Well Marjorie, are you willing to defend your positions, or even make them known at all, publicly, so our community can make an informed decison?"

It is imperative that the district hear from the candidates like they did four years ago. We encourage both candidates to participate, and I offer my services a to be the moderator of any or all debates. 

I moderated the 2018 congressional debate for the 14th Congressional District as an impartial political reporter for the Parkchester Times. My list of media credentials has grown since then to include the Bronx Chronicle, The Coop-City News, and I am the host of Parrot T. V. Talking Politics, a one hour You Tube show. I also have full New York City Police Department Media Credentials, and a blog and Facebook group dedicated to Politics and Community News.

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